Jason Garber

Tracking innovations in code and culture

Jason Garber

I am a curious technophile and worldly philosopher1. I like well-designed, human-centered systems, particularly the most innovative types.

It comes as no surprise, then, that on the technology front I use a Mac, write Ruby code, and type on the Dvorak keyboard layout.

On another front, I enjoy learning about just, peaceable, and sustainable solutions to the issues that confront our world.

My education is in technology, business, and economics and I occasionally dabble in music, photography, Spanish, and cycling.

I make my living as a broadly-skilled web developer for PromptWorks, a Philadelphia Ruby, Javascript, and Python web development shop.

My partner is an affordable psychotherapist in Center City Philadelphia and specializes in counseling adults.

1 See Heilbroner and while you’re at it, E. F. Schumacher.